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Responsive concept Hidden Creative Ltd

Concept Designs

Visualising how web presences could look, planning for ease of User interaction – upping the experience, and applying Responsive Web Design theory to deliver content to The User, on their terms, on varying devices.

CSS Soltuion for mobile
CSS Solution for mobile website customisation

Web Design

CSS solution design and front-end dev for customising Used Vehicle Locators (UVL), built to work on: iPhone, Nokia, Android & BlackBerry. Rolled out to VW, Lexus, Audi, Peugeot, Skoda and various car dealerships.

Abstract Illustration
Abstract Illustration from a QR code

Logos & Illustrations

Taking a QR code as a starting point to conceive, design & produce an abstract illustration for a design concept promoting the services of a company that delivers innovative & future facing marketing techniques today.


mobobo design process in an ideal scenario

discovery • design • production

Beliefs & opinions come secondary to users requirements - check the stats.

Think, sketch, design, build & user test: Rinse and repeat… & keep testing.

Give your visitors a product that fulfils their needs & they'll keep on coming back.

mobobo design process in an ideal scenario

thinking about the user since 2001

Hi I'm Andy King a designer & consultant who's been working the web since 1998. With an Art & Design Degree (Fine Art specialisation Sculpture ~ 1994), published internationally and selected for exhibition added to over 14 years of interweb experience, I have long understood the primary importance of ease of use, content and a focussed User Experience. When the majority were claiming in 2002/2003 that a plugin ("The web will all be Flash in a few years") – would come to rule I am on record predicting a future of text led websites providing use for everyday visitors - after all web design is 95% typography.

Web value lies within providing a succinct interface based on user needs. Avoiding the influence of print theory & desktop specific focus with cram it in pile it high layouts added to tiny user unfriendly text is a good way to minimise common pitfalls in web design.

The web is not about motion graphics or text as images, it isn't about the ability to write code, it's certainly not about any plugin or a place to flippantly bandwidth spam with “Throat-grabbing” promos – yet at times all of these can have their place & judicious application is key. Ease of use: responsive web design for a growing list of enabled devices; clear layout & continuity; site speed; eye friendly text sizes; and consideration for your Users and their requirements is what you should be looking at… & for help with that talk to me.

Mobobo is Andy King
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Mobobo – Andy King

Thinking designer and interweb person (not a programmer) since 1998.